The Average Cost of Acupuncture for Fertility
As more research is being published and distributed, the general public is getting wind of the efficacy of acupuncture and Chinese medicine for the treatment of infertility. In fact, Chinese medicine has been supporting fertility and treating sub-fertility presentations for thousands of years. With that in mind, many people are concerned about the costs incurred for an acupuncture program of this nature.

Most practitioners will agree that it would require a minimum of 90 days for a significant physiological shift occur in the fertility arena. The time and frequency of treatment would certainly depend on the individual or couple's presentation, but on average 3 months is a minimum. In my practice it is not uncommon for patients to require six months to a year to truly restore the body's natural terrain and for fertility to express itself. Patients needing or committed to doing IVF, donor egg IVF or IUI as well are encouraged to prepare for 90 days in most cases.

The costs of treatment vary from location to location throughout the United States and Canada, but the range tends to fall between $80 to $150 per treatment. Many practices have package discounts that may lower the per treatment cost. This is an acupuncture cost only, which does not include custom herbal formulations or nutritional protocols. If a patient is on board for a six month program of weekly acupuncture and herbs they might be spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $3,000. It may be more or less depending on the frequency, supplements and herbs. Many practitioners also treat through the entire pregnancy, support inductions and treat post-partum presentations (these costs would be additional).

Generally speaking, Chinese medicine treatment ends up being around 30% of the price of an average IVF procedure (including monitoring, meds, frozen embryo storage, ICSI, etc.). Although many people believe that foregoing acupuncture and nutritional support in conjunction with Western medicine treatments will save them money, often patients will need to repeat IVF treatments because their bodies were not prepared the first time.In our practice we try to convey to our patients that they should treat the IVF process seriously and aim to have their bodies as healthy as possible efore starting so that they do not have to repeat the process and subsequently spend more money.

In the worst case scenario, with a qualified fertility acupuncturist, you will be spending time getting your body balanced and nourished so that you will feel healthier and be in a more viable state to have success with procedures like IVF. Fertility treatments are costly, stressful and scary for most women. Going into an IVF cycle as healthy as possible is the best strategy we know. And if you get pregnant while getting healthy, well that's what it's really all about.
Susan Schiff, DOM, ABORM
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